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10 Trending Birthday Party Themes for 2024

When it comes to a great party, it all starts with a theme. Setting the stage for a fun-filled celebration is the key to unforgettable milestones, meaningful memories and most importantly, FUN!

Make it personal by choosing some birthday party ideas that reflect your child’s unique interests. You know what lights up your child best. To help get your party started, check-out our list of 10 trending party themes and birthday party ideas that will be the beginning of lasting magical moments for you and your family.


Sports - always a home run. Decorate pennants and have kids make sports themed snacks: pretzels and popcorn anyone?


Camping - pitch indoor tents and have a s’mores bar. Scary stories included.


Space - expand young minds into a new galaxy with an out-of-this world birthday theme.


Animals - it’s always time to appreciate our furry friends. Crowd pleasing and playful. Have kids bring their pets to the party and do a show and tell of special animal tricks.


Art - doing crafts of any kind can unite a young crowd. Messy and memorable.


Farm - barnyard bonanza. Have kids plant their own potted flowers or vegetables. Green thumbs unite.


Superhero - wham, zap, pop. Get some felt and glue and design your own capes. Ask the kids to share what they think their own super-power is.


Under the Sea - Homemade fishing pond game. Reeling in birthday prizes. Sunglasses required.


Circus - step right up to a wacky and wonderful time. Your imagination is your only limit.


Disco - Boogie Fever? Transform your playroom into a 70’s dance party. Adults welcomed, of course!